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The Friday Wrap moves to Nuzzel and goes (mostly) daily

NuzzelThe last time I sent out an HC+T Update was in January. More than six months ago.

It also took me nearly that long to write one single blog post.

Full-time jobs will do that to you.

As many Wrap readers know, since late October last year I have been director of Internal Communications at Webcor, a San Francisco-based commercial contractor. After 21 years on my own, I was ready for a change. I was more than ready. I was jonesing for a change. After eight months, I have decided it was the right change. The culture here is great, the people are wonderful, the industry is fascinating, and the leaders want what I can bring to the… Read More »

FIR #143: Fired by Mistake by Artificial Intelligence

For Immediate Release

Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network.

Neville Hobson joined FIR host Shel Holtz for the June edition of “The Hobson & Holtz Report” and conversation about these topics:

  • An employee was mistakenly fired by an AI system and managers stood by powerless to correct the mistake. Was AI really to blame?
  • IBM has introduced an AI designed for debate, which could mean there’s finally an unbiased devil’s advocate to point out the flaws in your business plan.
  • There is no minimizing the threat to the Internet posed by the draconian copyright restrictions the European Parliament could vote into law as early as the week after… Read More »

FIR #142: Pizza and Potholes

For Immediate Release

Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network.

Joining host Shel Holtz in conversation this week are tech journalist David Strom on organizational integrity, Gartner analyst Augie Ray on whether IHOP’s marketing stung was brilliant or a betrayal of consumer trust, and Sprinklr’s Marshall Kirkpatrick and Jen Valdez on the benefits of establishing long-term relationships with influencers. Also in this week’s episode:

  • Domino’s is repairing potholes. Is this a brilliant example of corporate social responsibility or a prelude to our dystopian future?
  • Heineken has done away with taglines
  • People are using Facebook less and less to… Read More »