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If newspapers are curating content, why aren’t business communicators?

Curation is Back, BabyBeginning around 2011, content curation was a hot topic. There was no end of workshops and keynotes and blog posts and books. Today, you can talk about curation and hear a pin drop.

Curation is alive and well even if it seems quaint compared to Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, voice tech, and some of the other technologies that have pushed it aside. SmartBrief has a nice business curating email newsletters on a wide variety of topics, from PR to the restaurant business, from pharmaceuticals to risk and compliance. I look forward to Shelly Palmer’s daily email, which features a handful of articles curated from a variety of… Read More »

FIR Podcast #84: The O’Reilly (Social Media) Factor

For Immediate Release

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Neville Hobson returns for the first episode of The Hobson & Holtz Report in 18 months. Today’s topics include…

  • Whether social media will be a factor in the snap election called for by UK Prime Minister Theresa May (as well as its role in the French election)
  • Social media evidently had a larger-than-apparent impact on advertisers that pulled their commercials from Fox News’s “O’Reilly Factor,” the cable news network’s biggest show
  • The Telegraph newspaper has launched a daily show specifically for the Google Home smart speaker/voice appliance
  • Facebook’s AR, VR, add… Read More »

Mastodon: Here to stay or DOA?

MastodonThere is so much hyperventilating over Mastodon, the upstart social network du jour, that it’s easy to drop it into the same bucket as all the other presumed Twitter killers moldering in their digital graves.

Which is exactly what a lot of people are doing. Without even giving it a once-over, they remind their followers of Ello, Plurk, Jaiku, and the laundry list of other social hopefuls. And let’s not even start on the trash heap of Google’s varous attempts.

I’m not ready to proclaim Mastodon a keeper. Odds are, in five years when the next startup hits the scene, the doubters will ask us to remember Ello, Plurk, Jaiku, and… Read More »